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We bought my son a Fisher Price Great Adventure Castle for his first Christmas in 1996. We have three boys now and I have fond memories of having "great adventures" with my sons. Over the years, we collected the Castle, Pirate Ship, Western Town, Robin Hood Forest, Magic Castle, and Pyramid. I tried to convince myself that I was buying all these toys for the kids, but I have to admit, I became a collector of Fisher Price Great Adventures.

The Great Adventures line was discontinued in 2002. Many of the toys were discontinued even before 2002 and are very hard to find. I looked for a complete list of Great Adventures toys on the internet, and though I did find a few good sites, I didn't find any that were organized the way I wanted, so I started this web site.

If you have any questions or comments about this site, please send an email to There are still several accessory pieces missing from my collection, and I have a number of duplicates as well. Click here to see a list of items for sale. Thanks for visiting, have a great day!

This is one of the best websites to visit for old Fisher-Price products, information, and resources... they have lots of in-depth information, pictures, descriptions, links to other sites, trivia, products ID guides, and much more! Visit them today and hey... tell them that "Dynamix Dan's Great Adventures Toys" sent you there!

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