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16.93 48 8.00
7710 Grey Castle (1994-1996)
This playset includes the grey castle on a green base, one black king and four black knights, one gold king and four gold knights, three grey boulders, and a round table. Each of the four different knights has a unique weapon, and when you push down on the king's heads, their weapon arm swings with a chopping motion. The castle features a flip down cannon on the front to shoot boulders, a catapult on the back left turret for launching boulders, a flip out hiding place on the left front turret, and a collapsing floor on the right turret which is hollow and serves as a dungeon with a gate on the bottom. The right turret has Fisher Price printed in blue near the top. A lever inside allows you to raise and lower the drawbridge and makes a clicking sound when you do so.

77110 Grey Castle (1997-1998)
This set is very similar to the 7710 Castle, but the Fisher Price printed atop the right turret is red rather than blue. This set comes with the round table and three grey boulders, but has one red king, three red knights, one black king and three black knights. The black knights have a red unicorn on their shield, rather than the red dragon head that the black knights from the 7710 Castle have. The castle playsets are very durable, but the accessories (knights, table, boulders, flip down cannon, catapult, trap door, flip down wall) are often misplaced, making a complete used set hard to find.

7.47 8 5.00
7121 Boulder Blaster (1994-1995)
This rolling cannon holds three red boulders and shoots them in rapid fire when turning the crank on the side of the cannon. The unique black knight that comes with this castle accessory holds a flaming torch in one hand and a red shield with yellow dragon's head in the other. The red boulders and unique knight are often incorrectly placed with the castle playset or other accessories, making a complete boulder blaster hard to find on an auction.
77121 Boulder Blaster (1996) - same as 7121 Boulder Blaster.

11.76 7 7.00
7123 Jousting Knights (1994-1995)
The horses' feet have wheels on the bottom and can be rolled toward one another for jousting. Shields on both sides of the horses heads trigger the spring activated saddle ejecting the rider. The horses are both white but one is decorated in red to match the gold knight's outfit and lance, and the other is decorated in blue to match the black knight. The knight's lances have a molded ram's head at the ends. The lances have a tendency to break off, taking the poor knight's arm with them.
77123 Jousting Knights (1996) - same as 7123 Jousting Knights.

8.98 1 3.00
7128 Knights (1994)
Great figure accessory pack containing one blue knight, one red knight, and one silver knight. The red knight can be distinguished from the red knights of the 77110 castle by his shield and weapon. The castle knights have red shields with black lions, this one is yellow and grey with a dragon symbol. The castle knights have gold weapons, this one's is silver. The blue knight has the same dragon symbol on his shield and a silver weapon. The silver knight is truly unique, no other accessory knights have silver armor.
77128 King's Guard (1996) - same as 7128 Knights.

12.24 2 6.00
7129 Wizard Pack (1995)
Eli the wizard holds a crystal ball staff in one hand and lightning bolts in the other. His two companions, Sir Grape and Sir Plum have purple armor and gold weapons. These figures are rare, and highly sought after by this collector.
77129 Wizard Pack (1996) - same as 7129.

3.00 0 1.00
7126 Black Knights (1994-1995)
The black knights in this accessory pack are indistinguishable from those sold with the 7110 castle. They have silver weapons and a red shield with a yellow dragon's head on it.

3.00 0 1.00
7127 Gold Knights (1994-1995)
The gold knights in this accessory pack are indistinguishable from those sold with the 7110 castle. They have silver weapons and a blue shield with a red and gold lion's head on it.

10.00 0 5.00
7130 Dragon Set (1995)
This very rare set comes with a small red dragon and a black knight. The dragon's jaw is hinged so the mouth can be opened and closed. The knight is unique to this set and has a yellow shield with a red dragon's head on it.

7.90 8 4.00
77039 Trojan Horse (1998-1999)
This great accessory rolls on red wheels and has storage space behind the ropes on the bottom. The sides flip down and knights can be stored inside for a surprise attack. A button on the back brings the head down hard like a giant war hammer. The spring loaded tail fires two yellow shields that attach to the horse's sides. The unique mechanic figure wears goggles and holds a wrench in one hand. The figure and yellow shields are easily lost, making a complete Trojan Horse a great find.

9.87 6 6.00
77055 Dragon Tower (1996-1997)
This seige engine fires three red arrows from the "dragon's mouth" by loading them on the top and pulling back and releasing the red hammer. The sides open up, the front flips down, and a battering ram on which a figure can ride can be rolled out of storage within. The two unique dark blue knights are heavily armored, one with a large silver sword and shield, the other with big silver claw gloves on. The hollow plastic arrows are a lot of fun to fire at the castle, but easy to lose.

7.50 0 5.00
77057 Dungeon Trap (1998)
This mini adventure playset is a grey walled cell with hinged black bars and a trap door on top. The skeleton is very unusual and doesn't look like other Great Adventures figures. The unique dungeon guard wears a grey hood and carries a heavy silver hammer.

4.00 1 6.00
77061 Dragon Duel (1996-1997)
The turquoise dragon is the same size and shape as the 7130 Dragon. His jaw is hinged so it can be opened and closed. Two unique knights with black and red armor, gold shields, and gold weapons can fight the dragon for his treasure chest.

5.27 4 3.00
77131 Giant (1997-1998)
A very popular castle accessory, the stomping giant makes a vibrating sound when you bang him on the floor. An eagle clips onto his backpack and he holds a hollow brown plastic club in one hand. He comes with a black or gold knight in the other hand which is indistinguishable from the knights that come with the 7710 Castle.

20.50 1 8.00
77086 Fire-Breathing Dragon (1998)
This is the largest dragon in the Great Adventures series. When you squeeze his tail, he breathes a plastic fireball from his mouth. He has blue translucent wings that flap. The unique blue knight that accompanies him has a long silver lance with a hot dog on the end.

77077 Fire Guard & Ice Brigade (1996)
This figure accessory pack contains a light blue king with three knights and a brown and red king with three knights. Like the castle knights, each knight has a unique weapon, and the king's arms move in a chopping motion when you push down on their heads. The king's swords and shields are translucent. This is an excellent accessory to the castle.

72452 Sand and Water Castle
This playset comes with a green base that can be filled up with water for a moat. The black bar drawbridge drops down over the moat from the grey castle. If sand is poured over the top of the castle, it slides off one end through a rotating red wheel, or the other side into a bucket that drops its load intermittently. A small hollow plastic cannon can be used to shoot water through a small hole in the front. A short green tower mold can be used to make your own castle out of sand. This rare playset comes with one black knight with a unique shield.

Invisible Knight
The knight is made of clear plastic which light can shine through. The shield and weapon have a yellow tint to them. This knight was not sold in stores, but was available by mailing in proof of purchase from other Great Adventure toys making this an extremely rare and collectible figure.

7125 Knight Figure Pack Assortment (1994)
consist of the 7126, 7127, & 7128 sets (Black, Gold, King's Guard).

77085 Fire Breathing Dragon/Trojan Horse Assortment (1998)
consists of 77039 & 77086.

77125 Castle Figure Pack Assortment (1996)
consists of 77128 & 77129 (King's Guard, Wizard).

77060 Mini Playsets Assortment (1996)
consists of 77061 & 77062 (Dragon Duel & Ghost Raiders).

77064 Mini Adventure Assortment (1998)
consists of 77057, 77058 & 77059 (Dungeon Trap, Lost at Sea, Fool's Gold).

77070 Deluxe Figure Assortment (1996)
consists of 77077 & 77072 (Fire & Ice, Claw & YellowJack).

77133 Giant/Sea Serpent Assortment (1997)
consists of 77131 & 77132.

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