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14.97 24 8.00
7043 Pirate Ship (1995)
The pirate ship includes a flip out cannon for firing the two gray boulders. There is a pirate flag, red crows nest, riggings for climbing, and two white sails with pegs so the pirates can stand on them. You can drop the anchor or make someone walk the plank. The captain can steer the ship with the steering wheel or look out over the high seas from his telescope. You can hide the treasure chest in the captain's cabin below deck which is accessible from a door that swings out on the back of the ship. A small four legged table also goes in the captain's cabin. The dinghy attaches to the back of the ship and fires a tethered grappling hook from its cannon. The ship has wheels on the bottom that give the ship a rocking motion when it rolls along the ground. The ship comes with a red pirate captain and four red pirates with various weapons. A complete used pirate ship in good condition is very rare because the accessories such as the telescope, treasure chest, table, or pirates are often lost or separated from the ship. The clips on the sails have a tendency to crack and break so that they no longer stay on the masts. This is a very popular toy and a lot of fun for the kids.
77043 Pirate Ship (1996) same as 7043.

11.46 6 6.00
7042 Pirate Island (1995)
The pirate island accessory has a palm tree which launches a boulder when you pull it back and release. The skull rock formation has a wooden door eye patch and a jail cell with black bars on the back side for holding prisoners. Other accessories include a small rowboat with a parrot on the front, a non firing cannon, and a telescope which fits in a hole on top of the skull rock. The treasure chest can be hidden behind the "X" marked door on the front of the toy. It comes with a unique pirate wearing yellow pants, a blue shirt, and a purple bandanna. The leaves on the palm tree or the whole tree itself are often broken off of the base. The wooden eye patch door and the telescope in particular are easily lost as well making a complete pirate island in good played with condition a nice find.
77042 Pirate Island (1996) same as 7042.

6.25 5 3.00
7044 Shark Raft (1995)
This toy includes a unique captain with a purple coat. Three red barrels can be launched from the catapult or stored in slots on each side of the mast. The shark's mouth clicks as you open and close it. A crows nest behind the small white sail gives the captain a good lookout spot for enemy pirates. The red barrels from the shark raft are sometimes confused with the brown ones from 77052 Wild Western Town. This is a great accessory to the pirate ship.
77044 Shark Raft (1996) same as 7044.

5.00 0 2.00
7046 Blue Beard Pirates (1995)
The pirates in this figure accessory all wear blue. There is a captain and two other pirates. The Great Adventure series features a number of three figure accessory packs such as these, but finding them new in the package or even together as a set of three in good played with condition is a rarity.
77046 Blue Beard Pirates (1996) same as 7046.

7.00 0 5.00
7047 Bad Bones Pirates (1995)
These figures are particularly unique dressed in black and white and wearing skull masks. The bad bones pirates are featured in the Great Adventures Pirate Ship computer game. Captain Bonemeal, Ribbs, and Spiney provide comic relief when searching for pieces to the treasure map on pirate island. It took me a long time to add these figures to my collection and I am always on the lookout for more.

7.15 2 2.00
7048 Bandit Pirates (1995)
The bandit pirates are very unique wearing different hats than most other Great Adventures pirate figures and characterized by their black masks. This is a great figure accessory pack and I am still looking to add it to my collection.
77048 Bandit Pirates (1996) same as 7048.

4.50 2 2.00
77007 Viking's Fury (1997)
This is a very unique accessory. The Viking is unlike any other figure in the Great Adventures line. The paddles on the rowboat are attached to and spin with the wheels as the boat rolls along the ground. Often the paddles are broken off or misplaced, so a complete Viking's Fury accessory in good condition is a rare find.

11.82 8 6.00
77024 Shipwrecker Sub (1998)
This great mini playset includes a mini drilling sub that disconnects from the main submarine. The figure inside the minisub is built in and cannot be removed. It comes with a very unique figure as well as an octopus and a cage. The two torpedoes fire from holes at the top of the sub, but are often misplaced. The fishing pole and hook on the back is easily broken. A complete submarine in good condition is very hard to find.

7.96 3 4.00
77037 Mighty Mouth Whale (1996)
Another rare toy missing from my collection, the Mighty Mouth Whale opens its jaws when you squeeze the tail. Pushing down on the red periscope on the top can eject the pirate with the blue plastic water spout that shoots up.

15.89 5 9.00
77041 Pirate Ship (1998)
This ship is smaller than the 7043 Pirate Ship A smaller dragon's head boat can be released from the front of the ship. A removable cannon fires a tethered harpoon and can be attached to the front of the ship or the dragon boat. The unique pirate captain and two accompanying pirates can be sent flying with the flip up gang plank. There is a lookout platform atop the front mast and a cargo hold in the deck. There is a cabin below deck and a wheel for steering the ship. This is a very sturdy and fun toy, but can be very hard to find since it was only made for one year.

5.00 0 3.00
77062 Ghost Raiders (1996)
The pirates in this accessory look very similar to the 7047 Bad Bones Pirates until it gets dark! The pirate figures glow as does the cannon that sits on top of the small rowboat. The Ghost Raiders guard a black treasure chest that opens to show the treasure built into the inside of the chest. This is a great pirate accessory!

7.50 0 5.00
77072 Claw Crew & Yellow Jacks (1996-1998)
This figure accessory includes four red pirates and four yellow pirates. The Claw Crew includes a pirate captain with a crab claw for one hand and a parrot sitting on the other. Of the three pirates, one holds a shovel, one holds a map in one hand and a telescope in the other, and the other one holds an small anchor on a rope. The Yellow Jack captain has a sky blue hat, one of his pirates holds a flag. The other two hold swords, one with a hook on one hand, the other with a knife in his mouth. This is truly a unique set and is often split up, so all eight pirates together is a great find!

5.00 0 3.00
77058 Lost at Sea (1998)
This set comes with a yellow raft with a short mast and sail. The unique pirate included has been "Lost At Sea" for some time judging from his long white beard. The small shark has jaws that open and close. This is another great accessory missing from my personal collection.

4.49 2 2.50
77132 Sea Serpent (1997)
The heads of this sea monster go up and down and the flippers rotate as this toy is rolled along the ground. One of the serpent heads has plastic flames coming out of his mouth. The unique diver pirate holds a clip that can be attached to the sea serpent's neck or tail.

77134 Target Exclusive (1997)
Contains 7042 Pirate Island and 7044 Shark Raft. This toy was sold exclusively at Target and came in a special box with a generic blue design used for Target bargain toys. I expect finding one of these new in the box would be quite a rarity.

77028 Double Duel Pirate Ship
My understanding is that this toy was for sale only in Europe. It includes two electronic ships featuring lights, cannon blasts, and a treasure chest that can recognize good guys and bad guys. I have not seen this toy myself but I imagine it to be the pirate ship equivalent of the Magic Castle.

77142 Skeleton Pirates
This toy is an accessory to the 77028 Double Duel Pirate Ship I have not seen these figures, but these glow in the dark skeletons activate noises on the pirate ship treasure chest. The figures can also be used with the 77198 Magic Castle, since they have the same sound activating foot holes as the accessories to that playset.

77143 Royal King & Guard
This toy is an accessory to the 77028 Double Duel Pirate Ship I have not seen these figures, but the royal kind and his guard activate noises on the pirate ship treasure chest. The royal jewels that accompany these figures may well be the most impressive looking stash of treasure in the Great Adventures line. The figures can also be used with the 77198 Magic Castle, since they have the same sound activating foot holes as the accessories to that playset.

7045 Pirate Figure Pack Assortment (1995)
consists of 7046, 7047, & 7048 packs (Blue Beard, Bad Bones, Bandit).

77045 Pirate Figure Pack Assortment (1996)
consists of 77046 & 77048 (Blue Beard, Bandit).

77060 Mini Playsets Assortment (1996)
consists of 77061 & 77062 (Dragon Duel & Ghost Raiders).

77064 Mini Adventure Assortment (1998)
consists of 77057, 77058 & 77059 (Dungeon Trap, Lost at Sea, Fool's Gold).

77070 Deluxe Figure Assortment (1996)
consists of 77077 & 77072 (Fire & Ice, Claw & YellowJack).

77133 Giant/Sea Serpent Assortment (1997)
consists of 77131 & 77132.

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