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11.88 23 6.00
77052 Wild Western Town (1997)
This playset features a break away staircase, trick plank in front of the jail, and the bank wall collapses outward for pretend bank robberies. There is a jail cell, a pop up boot barrel launcher, and a trap door on the hotel tower so figures dropping through it come tumbling out the doors on the front. It comes with two horses, six cowboys, and a bank safe that opens and has gold bars inside. Also included is a cannon that shoots a grey boulder and three brown barrels. The brown barrels are often mixed up with other playsets, but none of the other barrel types fit into the boot launcher correctly.

7.50 1 5.00
77023 Buckaroo Bull (1997)
This accessory comes with a black bucking bull and a unique cowboy figure with his hat in his hand. The bull "bucks" the cowboy off when you push down on its tail.

7.78 14 5.00
77056 Cannonball Coach (1997)
Coach with cannon, red cannon balls, green money bags, tan & gray horses & driver.

15.01 2 5.00
77059 Fool's Gold (1998)
Rock, miner, buzzard, gray mule, gold nugget.

7.50 0 5.00
77063 Rustler's Roundup (1997)
black & spotted horses, Hero cowboy with lasso & bandit cowboy.

7.00 0 4.00
Covered Wagon This is a great accessory to the Great Adventures Fort Dakota and Western Town playsets. It comes with a unique horse, a frontier soldier, three small red barrels, and the wagon. The back of the wagon opens up and the barrels are launched from inside using a lever next to the driver seat. The barrels are the same as those that come with Fort Dakota but different from the brown barrels that come with the 77052 Western Town and the red ones from the 7044 Shark Raft.

Fort Dakota

40.00 0 30.00
72932 Indian Village

72948 Indian & Buffalo

77475 Indian & Horse

77476 Cavalry Soldier & Horse

77477 Bandit & Horse

77064 Mini Adventure Assortment (1998)
consists of 77057, 77058 & 77059 (Dungeon Trap, Lost at Sea, Fool's Gold).

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