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77040 Robin Hood's Forest (1998)
The Robin Hood playset is from the 1998 line and and comes with five figures: Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and the Sheriff of Notingham. There are lots of surprises for enemies who wander into Robin's Camp... a trick log over the pond, a swinging log trap, a collapsing bridge, and two red snakes that wind their way down the tree. Two grey boulders can be rolled down all three levels from the top of the tree or can be fired along with four red arrows from the catapult. There are lots of secret hiding places, a ladder to climb, and a rope vine to swing from.

Legendary Hero Robin Hood
"In days of old, Robin Hood brightened Sherwood Forest with his spirit of courage and generosity! Read the exciting story of his adventures with his brave companion and his foe, Old Sheriff of Nottingham, then act out your own adventures with Robin Hood.Push to help Robin shoot an arrow from his bow! Store arrow in the quiver on Robin's back." This toy includes a Robin Hood story book.

Legendary Hero Davy Crockett
"He was the bravest frontiersman of the American West! Davy Crockett lived a life of adventure, from woods of Tennessee to the halls of Congress. Read his exciting story, then act out your own adventures with Davy Crockett. Pull Davy's arm back to throw his ax! He can hold his rifle, 'old Betsy', over his shoulder." This toy includes a Davy Crockett story book.

Legendary Hero King Arthur

77102 Dueling Douser

77103 Jouster Douser

12601 Knight Outfit (1996)
Tunic, crown & knight. Black version.

12602 Knight Outfit (1996)
Tunic, crown & knight. Gold version.

Pirate Outfit (1996)
Pirate hat, vest & figure.

Coloring Books

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