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77198 Magic Castle (1999-2002)
The Magic Castle is an electronic toy. Placing accessories on the footpad next to the drawbridge makes the castle respond with sounds and lights. The drawbridge opens for the good guys, but not the bad guys! Enemies can fire boulders from the cannon at the lion's nose which will sometimes cause the drawbridge to open. Two good knights, two bad knights, a jester, a cannon, a grey boulder, and a small purple ladder are included. The flags attached to the tops of the towers are easily broken, but other than that, this has been a very durable toy. The electronic interaction between the castle and the accessories make this my favorite Great Adventures playset!

7.11 2 5.00
72899 Royal Coach (1999-2002)
This Magic Castle accessory comes with a coach, white horse, three grey arrows, and driver figure. When you put the driver on the footpad of the Magic Castle it activates hidden sounds, like the galloping of a horse. There is a door on the back of the coach where you can load and unload riders. A lever flips up a spring loaded launcher which shoots grey arrows.

3.00 0 2.00
72947 Wizard & Witch (1999-2002)
The Wizard and Witch figures and their crystal ball glow in the dark. They activate noises on the footpad of the magic castle.

3.00 0 2.00
72946 Skeleton, Mummy, Ghost (1999-2002)
The packaging on this toy says Skeletons and Ghost, but this three figure set includes a skeleton, a mummy, and a ghost. All three figures glow in the dark and activate sounds when placed on the Magic Castle footpad.

5.00 0 3.00
72927 Cyclops (1999-2002)
When you push the button on the Cyclops' back, he swings his heavy weapon. The weapon has a notch on it which unlocks hidden sounds on the footpad of the magic castle.

5.00 0 3.00
72926 Red Dragon (1999-2002)
The Dragon in my opinion is the most popular Magic Castle accessory. When you push the scales on his back, his mouth opens and his wings flap. When you place the tip of Dragon's tail on Magic Castle footpad, the castle makes a roaring sound.

77481 Magic Castle Jousting Horses and Knights (2000-2002)
My understanding is that this toy was for sale only in Europe and is very rare. It looks very similar to the 7123 Jousting Knights but the knights are white and navy and their horses are white and black. The knights have the foot holes to unlock hidden sounds on the Magic Castle footpad. The horses' feet have wheels on the bottom and can be rolled toward one another for jousting. Shields on both sides of the horses heads trigger the spring activated saddle ejecting the rider.

77479 Magic Castle Good Knights (2000-2002)
This set of three unique silver knights was sold in Europe. The foot holes on the knights match the gold knights sold with the Magic Castle and unlock the same sounds and open the drawbridge. This rare set is missing from my collection.

Magic Castle Dark Knights (2000-2002)
This set of three unique navy blue knights was sold in Europe. The foot holes on the knights match the blue knights sold with the Magic Castle and unlock the same sounds. This rare set is missing from my collection.

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