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Hidden Treasures Pyramid
The packaging on the Pyramid playset might lead you to believe it is an electronic toy like the Magic Castle. A speaker grid on the back of the toy and a battery size compartment underneath prompted me to call Fisher Price to find out why there aren't electronics. I was told that the cost of adding the electronics would have made the toy too expensive and so they were not included. Even the accessories have the familiar foot holes that would have made lights and sounds in what could have been the best Great Adventures playset. It comes with two mummy figures, two explorers, and an Egyptian pharaoh. The movable green serpent shoots red plastic flames, two are included. On one side of the pyramid is a trap door leading to a small prison chamber below. The other side has a very clever chamber within a chamber which stays inside the pyramid when the mummy lever on the side is down making the figure inside "disappear". Rotating the dial on the front to the correct symbol opens the door, while other symbols cause the mouth on the front to drop green discs on figures standing in front of the door. The back of the playset features a collapsing staircase, a swinging rope, and the mummy's sarcophagus which hides a silver treasure with a hidden compartment in it.

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78541 Chariot
The chariot includes the mummy chariot driver, a mummy horse, and four missiles that fire from the back of the chariot when a lever is pulled.

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Mummy King
The mummy king holds a large bone in one hand and a torch in the other. The torch hand shoots off when you push the spring activated bone on that arm. The mummy's mask shoots off when you press the statue down on his back, revealing a more friendly face.

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This figure accessory pack contains three unique figures. One of the bandits has a red shirt and blue pants and carries a sack over his shoulder. The second wears a blue fez and a white robe and carries a cobra in his hand. The third bandit wears a red hat, a green shirt, and white pants and carries a short sword and a knife.

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The mummies figure accessory comes with three mummies in different poses. One has a green bow, another has an Egyptian staff and a golden sash, and the other has a knife, a spear, and a red headdress.

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78154 Egyptian Camel
Unlike most of the Great Adventures figures and accessories, this one is named right on the packaging. Fez the Egyptian Camel comes with a pick axe and a shovel which can be launched from spring action holders on each side. The camel rider carries dynamite and a shovel. This is probably the most rare of the Pyramid accessories.

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